Saturday, October 1, 2016



Yay, it's October! Exams are near but who cares! Some shows will be starting soon :D

Supergirl, season 2  

The new season will premiere on 10 Oct and guess what? Superman will be there too 😱

Supernatural, season 12

The new season premiering on 13 Oct, will feature them with more family problem, closer to home. :D

The Flash, season 3 

The new season will premiere on 4 Oct and we will finally see Barry with his parents with some other bad stuff happening...

Arrow, season 5

The new season premiering on Oct 5 and it's just so cool! 

Legends of Tomorrow, season 2

 With the next season premiering on Oct 13, maybe we might see the Green Lantern on as well?

With all these shows coming up and the exams coming up, we can go home earlier to watch all these shows(yay)! 

Just kidding. 

These are distractions and you should not let them distract you from your future. Agreed by many as I quote from Christopher Columbus, "By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination. " which is definitely very reliable coming from the guy who sailed over the sea and went, 'Ooh pretty" and sailed on to 'discover' America which wasn't his chosen destination but better. 

Go study and get good grades coz this is a very important year that will affect how much you are enjoying what you are studying for the next 2 years. No pressure. 

Meanwhile... I heard about more and bigger crossovers from these shows :D

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