Saturday, September 3, 2016

MUST WATCH Korean Drama:D ~ Since its the holidayss!

Bored during the holidays after finishing your homework?

Watch these Korean Dramas! As all of you already know... I am a Korean Drama Maniac:D Hehe.

This is the first one that I recommend:

Bring It On, Ghost! Its a Romance and Horror Drama. It's finishing soon and there is a big twist at the end. It's rather scary so I don't recommend you to watch at night. But the plot is amazing!:D

Some scary pictures *WARNING*

2 more Korean Drama just got released too!!!!!

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. It's a Romance and Comedy Drama! It's about a girl disguising herself into a boy and working in the Palace for the Crown Prince. And they start to fall in love. The drama is really funny!!! Must watch drama!:D

Another drama is Moon Lovers - Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Its a Fantasy and Romance Drama! Really good show too. A lot of action in the show and the plot is really funny too!!! Its a remake of the Chinese Drama called "Bu Bu Jing Xin". :DDD

All these Korean Dramas are my top list now!:))))))

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