Thursday, September 22, 2016

Chinese violin

Hi guys, so recently some people were "bump"ing my facebook (the annoyed emoji), and found pics of my Chinese Orchestra days. So yea somehow I started to go look for my instrument which I used to play during my Chinese Orchestra days the Chinese violin, and a small part of my interest came back. So here are some facts about the Chinese violin and Chinese orchestra which i hope i actually still remembered some, (hopefully)

1. The Chinese Violin only has two strings.
2. Every position on the Chinese Violin makes a different sound. So precision is super important. Even the smallest slight in your hands could make an entire different sound. (technically i am extremely famous for destroying the whole song cos of this)
3. The inner string makes a deeper sound compared to the outerstring
4. Like the guitar, the tension of the string when tuning each make different sounds
5. There are three types of the Chinese violin. the zhong hu, gao hu & er hu. The zhong hu is the one which makes one of the deepest sounds. Which also somewhat means that alot of strength is needed when pulling the string. The gao hu is the highest sound one, and it is extremely squeaky or sth? but usually it is used for playing the echo of the er hu & zhong hu. The er hu is the normal chinese violin which we always see. I used to play the er hu.
6. There are always three parts of the chinese violin which always always always break. the first part is the hear the top part, it alway always breaks. The second part is the wooden thingy at the back where the sound is being produced, For some reasons that part will always always always break, no matter how much u try to be careful. The third part is the string, which also comes out EVERYTIME AT THE WRONG MOMENT. There was once i was performing and the string jus came off, ON STAGE WITH A MICROPHONE.
7. The conductor actually has every single scores of every single instrument when he or she stands on the podium to conduct, and he or she manages every single instrument how they play.
8. The highest pitch instrument is the suo na which is like the Chinese trumpet. Usually the chinese flutes people are the unlucky ones cos they sit in front of them, and they are super super loud when the people blow their trumpets.
9. There is a somewhat fixed position in the orchestra, for every instrument
10. The Chinese orchestra instrument notes, uses do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, doe as their scores instead of using notes and stuff.

Ok this is very very very wordy, and if you actually made it this far congrats, ok bye

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