Thursday, August 25, 2016

zahins movie recommendations 2

sup guys

Today i will be showing u guys this cool director and his cool films. 

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This guy is Christopher Nolan and he is my favourite director, and he makes COOL films in a COOL way. He doesn't like CGI and his movies have some of the best stories(he writes them himself). He is a very popular director and is seen as one of the best directors of all time. 7 movies out of the 9 he made are in the top 250 movies in IMDb. All of his movies show very nice cinematography with REALLY nice music. His movies are not normal, they usually circle around very interesting topics. I will give u guys a VERY short plot summary of the movies i think you should watch, and their ratings.

Batman Begins(2005) - #109 - 8.3/10(IMDb) 85%(Rotten Tomatoes) 70%(Metacritic) 70%(Me)

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The title is self explanatory. It shows where Batman Begins, and the story behind his story. This was the movie where Nolan gained popularity. The actors are great.

The Dark Knight(2008) - #4 - 9.0/10(IMDb) 94%(Rotten Tomatoes) 82%(Metacritic) 95%(Me)

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The sequel to Batman Begins, and imo this is his best movie. Batman is at his weakest here, and is challenged by the fearless Joker. Acting is AMAZING. This movie is not simply about good and bad, but about what morality is in Gotham, and The Joker puts Batman and Gotham to the test. This film has the best story and is my favourite movie of all time. If you like more light-hearted movies(ahem), this movie may not be the one for you. 

Interstellar(2014) - #33 - 8.6(IMDb) 71%(Rotten Tomatoes) 74%(Metacritic) 80%(Me)
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Interstellar is his most recent film, and it describes about a group of astronauts travelling through a wormhole to save the future generations of a dying human species, and the love between a father and his daughter. This film is eyecandy, with so many damn colours everywhere. The music is AWESOME, but the story gets confusing later on, and may sound like BS.

Inception(2010) - #14 - 8.8/10(IMDb) 86%(Rotten Tomatoes) 74%(Metacritic) 90%(Me)
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Inception is really damn cool. The film is about entering people's minds, being able to steal secrets as corporate espionage. This is his second best film(imo) due to its DEEPNESS and amazing visuals, with a complicated but awesome story. Guarantee won't regret watching this(i hope xd).
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sorry for long post, here is a kitten watching a screen

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