Monday, August 22, 2016

Things i do when I am bored

Hey guys, sorry for the late post AGAIN. Anyways so today I am going to talk about some things I do when I am bored. So one of the things i do is to take photos or edit photos. Here are some of the very few and rare photos which I taken that are actually good.

Another thing which I do when I bored is to watch dramas, Kdramas and the channel 8 dramas. Here are some of the serials to watch and i recommend.
W is also another nice story. One thing I like about this drama is on the unique storyline involve, instead of cliche stories where main character enters different dimension, but this one is completely different there is a link between the two dimensions. Ok ik i sound very cheem go watch and you will understand. YES JUN HAO GO WATCH FOR MEDIA CLUB.
Doctors is another nice Kdrama to watch no joke go watch

Dream Makers 2. Ok this one too much drama added, but the morale is the same as dream maker 1

Dream Makers 1 is really good the morale is super super deep. Like how celebrities may seem very nice but nobody knows their tough ship and they still have to maintain their very nice face in the face of the media.
Another thing I do when I am bored is to go do volunteer stuff. I love to do volunteer work, cos we get to work behind the scenes, feel the atmosphere and sometimes we get free shirts and stuff. Regardless got CIP points or not I will still do if I am bored. Some of the things I volunteer for are mostly Marathons and Science Centres. But most importantly i must drag somebody I know with me. Although the pain in doing volunteer work is standing under the hot sun, but trust me the experience is really fun, and even if no hours given you cfm sure wan do again

Alright that's all for me today. You can go judge what type of life i live, yea ik I no life, also pardon my english

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