Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Education system in Finland

So I don't really know what to post, so I am just going to talk about one of the countries that I actually want to study at but I am not as rich as Zheng Xuan so yah. Finland has one of the best education systems in the world, although Singapore actually beat them last year ranking 3rd in the world, while was Finland ranked 5th in the world. One thing that I like about Finland's education system is that their lessons are seldom in the classroom. The government or some high-ranking officials believe that learning should not take place in their classroom. So practically they have excursions almost every day. According to some unreliable source called 9gag, students from Finland were rated the happiest students in the world. Schools in Finland are really hands-on. For example they are studying about beaches. Their teachers would then bring them out to the beach, and teach the students there. Imagine like your classroom everywhere in the country. Won't that be so cool! So yah Finland is a cool place to study. What do you guys think?
picture of finland


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