Thursday, February 11, 2016

Service Learning Project!

Dear S2-06 students, since I have so few chances to really talk to you guys about the Service Learning Project, here's a post to remind us what needs to be done.

Our SL Ambassadors are Kaegan, Irving and Kenneth. You guys will need to take charge of this for the class. Our immediate tasks are:

1) Establish contact via email (cc me!) to the person-in-charge of our Lions Befrienders branch. Ours is the Mei Ling SAC branch. The person-in-charge is Mr. Sanjiv Singh <>. We need to inform him of the proposed activities. This needs to be completed by end of next week (19 Feb 2016).

2) Create a folder labelled as '2016 S2-06 EL PT-cum-SL Project' to be shared with me (FT), Ms. Christine Lam, Mr. Tan Chuan Leong, Ms. Doreen Tan, Mr. Leon Choo, Ms. Sabrina Soh, our 4 Ex-co members and of course all three SL ambassadors. I think to simplify things, just add me and I'll add all the people for you guys.

3) Plan for 3 or 4 activities. You all have to discuss this as a class.

4) Plan for makan/snack items (all Halal certified) for the seniors. You all have to discuss this as a class as well.

Ms. Lam has shared with me 2015 S2-04's template for our reference. We should make a copy for our usage. This is for your NYAA and CIP hours documentation.

Let's get to work on this. As mentioned, Kaegan, Irving and Kenneth are in charge. Please work with them on this.

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