Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Dogs

Hi uh idk what to post so here are some pictures of my dogs.
But I couldn't find any recent photos so most of these are from like, 2012.

Really old pic of my female dog Minnie

Really old pic of my male dog Kiki
(He died last year in Dec, RIP)

I found more recent pics from last year so I'm just gonna drop them here

As you can see, their eyes have like a bit of
blue-ish-ness to it. That's because they developed cataracts which basically makes them go blind.
Since their cataracts is kind-of covering their whole eye(s), that means their 100% blind.
fun facts about pets

Ok that's all bye and uh happy CNY

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  1. hmm, so you're a dog person? I wonder what's the dog vs cat person ratio in our class...


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