Monday, February 1, 2016

Homework - 1 Jan T1W5

•Zhi Xian, please do your blog post.  
+Class deco, emoji: Form here
 >Best blog post form by Mr Teng here

• Complete assignment 2.2

• Check the English class blog 

• Update iBook
• Chapter 3 -> slides 
• Google Classroom assignment 

• Email by Wed 
• 综合测试 by Fri
•Find the rest of "对比" from Chapter 5

• 听写 on 星期二/三(第一/二课)+ 造句
• Reminder: Individual Chinese AA due on T2W1

If there is any homework that I might have missed, just add them in the comments for your friends.

Note: I may not attend school for the next few days so Sarah will help me post the homework instead. (Thanks Sarah!) 

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