Wednesday, January 27, 2016

zahins post

zahin's post

hi guys sorry for the late post.

    This is a nice ginger stray cat (keep in mind that this isn't my cat). He visits us often and we welcome him as a guest. His name is BonBon (a very weird name imo).
Around a few years ago, he visited us for the first time. My mom freaked out but later on, since we were cat lovers we decided to let him come and go as he pleases.

 He is a smart cat. Since he is a stray cat, we did not toilet train him. Instead, he would wait at the front door for us to open it, so he can go outside and take a poop. For some reason he already could do this the first time he came in. If we are sleeping, he would climb on our faces and wake us up to let him out so he can poop. He is a cute cat, and likes boxes and cozy places. He also does not have fleas or mites or whatever and is clean, even though he hangs outside a lot.

Some pictures, sorry if it's messy i dont know how to use this:                                                                                              
snoozing off
hiding in a drawer

the first time he came 


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