Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My holidays

During the December holidays, I went to Melbourne, Australia. Amongst the trip, two of my favourite places were the penguin parade at Philip island and The Great Ocean Road. When my family and I was on our way down to catch the Penguin Parade, we managed to catch a lot of Australia's wildlife animals in Phillip Island. When we reached, we were really cold and excited. (as the wind was the strongest here in the whole of Melbourne, and ironically it was summer and it was 10 degrees, and my whole family was in short sleeves, as we thought that it would be very hot.) On our way down to the seating gallery, where we could catch the penguins come back from the sea after a day's hard work of finding food in the ocean, to feed their chicks. Along the way, we could see a few baby penguins awaiting their mother's arrival to feed them. We waited in the cold until it was roughly 6:00 pm Singapore time, where we managed to see the first sight of penguins coming back from the ocean. We were then told that the penguins are actually in their natural habitat and that the penguin parade organisation is actually helping to prevent humans from posing a threat to the penguins, without disturbing their environment. Meaning that the whole thing was natural. My family did not stay for a very long time, as the wind was getting stronger as the sky darkens. On our way back, we managed to see the mother penguins feeding one of their chicks. We also managed to hear both penguins communicate to one another. However, we were disrupted by the various people who tried to take pictures there. Photography and videography are strictly not allowed throughout the whole Penguin Parade, in order to protect the animals. The next day we went on to The Great Ocean Road. It was a 3 hours ride from the city and stopped for occasional sightseeing. However the wind became stronger the next day, so we seldom got off the bus in case we caught a chill, as we did not brought enough long-sleeve shirts. The Great Ocean Road is another natural place in Australia and a place with great significance in Australia. Along the Great Ocean Road there were many many beaches. One of the beach was scientifically proven that it has the freshest air in the world (although I don't smell any difference) Each sector of the beach had a specific name. And despite the cold weather, there were still some locals swimming and surfing in the ocean .__.  The scenery was truly extraordinary, and we occasionally spotted some koalas. The next place of interest along the Great Ocean Road is the 12 apostles. The 12 apostles are a natural rock sculpture, which is made from mainly waves, rocks, wind and rain. (Photos of them below). I realised that in Australia, their government preserved a lot of their natural environment. For instance they are able to keep the Great Ocean Road beaches and rock sculptures still equally nice and beautiful for such a long time. Unlike Singapore where the beaches are badly polluted. (ps sorry I don't have any photos of the penguin, as I wasn't allowed to take any photos)

Wallaby at Phillips island

The 12 Apostles 

The 12 apostles


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  2. Dude, paragraphing!

    That aside, I really need to go Australia again. I love the blue Penguins at Phillips Island!

  3. I went there for my primary school trip!:D

  4. I went there for my primary school trip!:D


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