Thursday, January 14, 2016

Homework - 14 Jan T1W2

•It's Javier's turn to post something interesting on the class blog tmr
•Friendly reminder for Zhi Xian and Darren to post their "show and tell" post on the class blog!

•Complete worksheet
•Revise for mini test next week 

•Check English Google Classroom for today's scribe's notes by Sarah

•Check Google Classroom for Quizlet words as there will be a test on Fri, 15 Jan 

• Do/Redo Pg 16 of your Geog Handout 

•Advertisment due on Tues, 19 Jan 

Revise and sleep as early as possible! :)
If there is any homework that I might have missed, just add them in the comments for your friends.

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