Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Homework - 13 Jan T1W2

•Reminder to Darren and Kaegan to sign Sec 2 Assesment form by tmr, 14 Jan
•It's Zhi Xian's turn to post something interesting on the class blog tmr

•Memorise Winnie the Pooh song and Mean, Median and Mode Song 

•Check English Google Classroom for today's scribe's notes by Desiree
•Revise TKAMB
•Complete the prejudice/unfairness story if incomplete

•Check Google Classroom for Quizlet words as there will be a test on Fri 

• Do the iBook on Chapter 1 slides/what you've learnt so far and deposit in link or you might need to stay back for Geog Supp! (Check for Ms Loh's email/Google Classroom)
•Geobytes UK
•Complete notes from Zin Mi's pictures on Whatsapp

•Can start with your filming 

Revise and sleep as early as possible! :)
If there is any homwork that I might have missed, just add them in the comments for your friends.

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