Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Homework - 12 Jan T1W2

•Reminder to sign Sec 2 Assesment form by tmr, 13 Jan 
•It's Darren's turn to post something interesting on the class blog tmr

•Complete Notes pg4-9
•Assignment 1.1 Tier A & B ONLY
     Both by Wed, 13 Jan 
[Check Maths Google Classroom]
•Google classroom comment on Mr Johari's post by next Maths lesson tmr 
•Memorise Winnie the Pooh song on Google+ Classroom 
•Please fill in the particulars form for those who have not done so

•Check English Google Classroom for today's scribe's notes by Megan
•Revise TKAMB
•Complete The Lottery spreadsheet if incomplete  
    - Those who had the privilege to answer in class, please type in your answer to in Tale of Two Cities spreadsheet.  

•Check Google Classroom for Quizlet words 
-Optional: Research on Susan Boyle

• Do the iBook on Chapter 1 slides/what you've learnt so far or you might need to stay back for Geog Supp! (Check Ms Loh email) 

•Do your report as we will be going to the lab soon

•Class boards-Decoration
    -Think of some nice ideas/designs that you might want on your class boards

Revise and sleep as early as possible! :)
If there is any homwork that I might have missed, just add them in the comments for your friends.

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