Monday, January 11, 2016

Homework - 11 Jan T1W2

•Sign Sec 2 Assesment form by tmr, 12 Jan 
•Bring your S&W attire to change after lunch tmr as it is a even week and there is S&W
•Gentle reminder for Zhi Xian to hand in the AUP form tmr, 12 Jan
•It's Daanish's turn to post something interesting on the class blog tmr

•Complete Notes pg4-9
•Assignment 1.1 Tier A & B ONLY  by Wed, 13 Jan 
[Check Maths Google Classroom]

•Check English Google Classroom for today's scribe's notes by Elysia
•Revise TKAMB

•Class boards-Decoration
    -Think of some nice ideas/designs that you might want on your class boards

Revise and sleep as early as possible! :)
If there is any homwork that I might have missed, just add them in the comments for your friends.

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