Tuesday, January 5, 2016

English Matters

Guys,  please remember to label your English File as 2016 EL S2-06.

And, this is what Ms Lam had written on the board for us regarding the content sheet for the file.

Formative - practice
There are 2 types
1) Bite-Sized
2) Similar to tests, exams e.g. format.
Summative - graded + recorded

Pop Quiz - Tomorrow ( 6th January 2016 ) Please read your TKAMB book and get ready for the quiz. 
Diagnostic Test for English - On this Thursday ( 7th January 2016 )

Tomorrow Chai Ning will be the class scribe for English.

Class Scribe:
1) One takeaway from the lesson
2) One thing I didn't know
3) One Thing I now know
4) 1 EU and 1 EQ

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