Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Awesome Show!

BBC Sherlock

An adaptation of Sir Author Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes in the Modern Day Universe in London.

A must watch, currently at 3 Seasons, with one New Year's special. Each Season has 3 episodes each, each episode lasting 1.5 hrs.  Plus, new seasons might be coming out!

It's fast-paced plot, a witty script written by a talented writer, Steven Moffat, famous for his works in Doctor Who, and some other guy, Mark Gatiss.

It's really good and there's only so many episodes you can watch so no matter who hooked you get on this show, you'll still have time for homework and many other things you do in your free time.

Also, the Sherlock fandom is great.

It's also very supportive of your studies...


  1. This is one of the shows on my to-watch list, but I never get to go through that list.

  2. I watched the first and second season. I love this show.


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